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Post #4 . . .


JONATHAN: *falls to the floor,worshipping the voice of this Goddess*;) OH GREAT GODDESS FROM ABOVE!! I've been having a terrible case of writer's block lately...what do you suggest? You could be the inspiration I've been seeking!

HEATHER: *rolls eyes*



NINA-MUN: *sits at her computer, cackling and absolutely LOVING this*
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Okay, you guys, it's that dreaded time called "Nina is updating the profile." Kindly respond to the following question:

You are the mun (controller) of which characters?

Please answer in a format like this:

Nina-mun controls Li'l Wilson, Wilson, a clone of Angel, a clone of Evan, Anthony, Rodney, and Nina.

(Yes, there's a difference between your character and your mun if you RP as "yourself." The mun is your real-life self. The "you" who is in the RP doesn't have -mun attached to the end, and should be treated as a separate entity.)

I need this answered ASAP so I can finish updating.

Also, please read the rules I added to the section on becoming a mun. I want to make sure they're good by everybody. This is a democracy. If you don't like them, let me know what the problem is, and we'll have an RPG Rules discussion to make sure we're all fair.
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Post #3 . . .


EVAN: *sits down beside Nina and wraps his arms around her* I'd never want you to leave!

LITTLE ANGEL: *jumps to the left*

JESSE: *hugs Wilson protectivley*


COLLINS #2: *kisses his Angel in a sweet manner*

COLLINS: I know this is slightly late but...YAY! HALLOWEEN SEX!!!!

ANGEL: YAY! I get to spend time with my lover on my favorite holiday!

LITTLE ANGEL: *hears all the fighting and walks up to the adults* C-can't we all just get along? *lip wobble*


EVAN: *spots Li'l Angel* It's okay. I don't like fighting either. *spots Li'l Angel's crayons* Hey . . . can I color with you?

LI'L WILSON: *is happily scribbling away at what would appear to be a picture of his parents' apartment building, since there are no houses in Brooklyn*

NINA: *starts to cry even more and buries her head in Evan's very manly shirt, usually a sign that, amazingly, she simply doesn't know what to say*

WILSON: *snuggles happily*


ANGEL: Actually, I like Christmas more than Halloween these days . . . I never got a perfect man on Halloween!
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Post #2 . . .

As the original post grew quite long, we're picking up here. Most recently, Evan's old piano teacher dropped into the RP. He was killed by all members of the RP except for Nina and her characters, because Nina was away from the computer during this historic, dramatic, and influential battle. Therefore, upon returning, Nina castrated him, and his corpse is now being burnt by the two Evans.


NINA: So, we should make this Evan un-freaked out.

WILSON: *raises eyebrows* I get the feeling KT's going to want in on this. *rummages in Nina's backpack; finds a 24-pack of Crayolas ((OOC: the best pack EVER!!)) and a pad of drawing paper* Have fun, kiddo.

TEEN ANGEL: *spots Teen Wilson* Oh my GOD . . . *goes starry-eyed*

TEEN WILSON: Um . . . I'm straight.

*everybody laughs* (<-- well, wouldn't they?)

TEEN ANGEL: *makes like a predator* Are you sure?


ANGEL: *sniffles and gives Collins a snotty look* I can't believe you're cheating on me with that - that - IMITATION!!! *wails*

EVAN: *smirks*

LITTLE ANGEL: *squeals* THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! *gives Wilson a kiss on the cheek then runs off with the crayons*

ANGEL: *rolls eyes* I hate to break it to you,sweetie but I was here first.

NINA: So . . . ideas? *quirks an eyebrow at Evan* (<-- I LOVE being able to do this! People always give me SUCH a psyched-out look when I do . . . )

ANGEL: But - but - he's MY sweetiepie Collinsbear too!!! *pouts* How on EARTH are we supposed to settle this? Because I'm really not into bitchslapping people.

WILSON: *is happy* I love kids. They're so awesome.

ANTHONY: I'll agree with that.

WILSON: I mean, seriously. How many adults give you that kind of reaction over a three-buck pack of crayons?

ANTHONY: I'll agree with that.

WILSON: I just totally made his day, and all I had to do was give him a pack of crayons.

ANTHONY: I know. It's awesome.

WILSON: *makes puppy eyes* So WHY are you having sex with Jesse instead of ME so we can have a cute little kid like that to give crayons to, KT?

Okay, folks, have at it.

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Let La Vie Boheme Begin . . .

Okay, folks, first post. A little backstory in case it's needed:

Nina is currently a "shemale," being male below the waist and female above it. Evan is just chilling. Anthony is "The Notebook"-phobic, and Rodney must calm him every time someone mentions it. KT, apparently, never stops writing smut. Wilson is also apparently just chilling. The Bohogirl is watching a fly on the ceiling. The Corpse of Adam is just grossing everyone out. Detective Green is investigating how on earth TCoA can be talking and walking when it's a corpse. Johnny Depp just shot TCoA. Roger and Mark . . . are being Roger and Mark. And everybody else, apparently, is just chilling and doing nothing much.


NINA: *follows the path of the fly on the ceiling. Watches it walk into a spiderweb. The owner of the web, a big ugly wolf spider, comes out of the woodwork and begins to devour the fly.*


NINA: *shrieks* IT'S A WOLF SPIDER! OHMYGODIT'SAWOLFSPIDER!!!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! *tries to run screaming, but instead barrels straight into Evan's stomach*

RODNEY: I take it she's arachnaphobic?

WILSON: Extremely. Uh, Angel . . . a little help with the insane spider-fearing queenish person over here?