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Post #3 . . . - The IMDb Demented RENT RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The IMDb Demented RENT RPG

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Post #3 . . . [Nov. 1st, 2006|01:47 pm]
The IMDb Demented RENT RPG



EVAN: *sits down beside Nina and wraps his arms around her* I'd never want you to leave!

LITTLE ANGEL: *jumps to the left*

JESSE: *hugs Wilson protectivley*


COLLINS #2: *kisses his Angel in a sweet manner*

COLLINS: I know this is slightly late but...YAY! HALLOWEEN SEX!!!!

ANGEL: YAY! I get to spend time with my lover on my favorite holiday!

LITTLE ANGEL: *hears all the fighting and walks up to the adults* C-can't we all just get along? *lip wobble*


EVAN: *spots Li'l Angel* It's okay. I don't like fighting either. *spots Li'l Angel's crayons* Hey . . . can I color with you?

LI'L WILSON: *is happily scribbling away at what would appear to be a picture of his parents' apartment building, since there are no houses in Brooklyn*

NINA: *starts to cry even more and buries her head in Evan's very manly shirt, usually a sign that, amazingly, she simply doesn't know what to say*

WILSON: *snuggles happily*


ANGEL: Actually, I like Christmas more than Halloween these days . . . I never got a perfect man on Halloween!

From: angel_d_s
2006-11-01 06:33 pm (UTC)
LITTLE ANGEL: *brightens* Sure! *looks at Little Wilson's picture* That's a pretty picture,Wil. That almost looks like my house...'cept nicer.

EVAN: *comforts Nina*

JESSE: *cuddles with Wilson*


ANGEL: That's true. *kisses Collins* Christmas and Halloween have got to be my two favorite holidays...oh...one second,baby...*hops off the bed and prances out of the room*

COLLINS: *groans* I'm gettin' blue balls here....

ANGEL: *returns seconds later with a can of Whipped Cream*

COLLINS: *eyes widen* Oh YEAH!!

ANGEL: *climbs on the bed with a smirk and shakes the can*

COLLINS #2: *snicker*

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[User Picture]From: technicolornina
2006-11-01 06:36 pm (UTC)
EVAN: *takes a piece of paper, thinks, and then starts to draw*

WILSON: That's where I live!

NINA: *starts to get sleepy and burrows into Evan's shirt*

WILSON: *snuggles with Jesse*


ANGEL: Psh. I think we can be more creative than that! *grinds Collins*

((OOC: There's a new mod post up. Please check it out!))
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From: angel_d_s
2006-11-01 07:03 pm (UTC)
EVAN: *strokes Nina's hair*


JESSE: *snuggles with Wilson* ;)


ANGEL: *sweetley* Making love is not a contest,hon....EEEEEE! *squeals as Collins pulls down her boxers and sprays her on her most...personal area*

COLLINS: *chuckles* Cold,baby?

ANGEL: *nods*

COLLINS: How about I warm you up?

ANGEL: *nods again*

COLLINS #2: *grins against Angel*
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[User Picture]From: technicolornina
2006-11-01 08:24 pm (UTC)
LI'L WILSON: Yeah . . . my mom says someday she's going to take me to Broadway! Won't that be COOL?

WILSON: *you guessed it*


ANGEL: I'll prove it! *dodges Collins #1 and pounces on Angel, and proceeds to pleasure her in the most original ways*
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From: cornwhore
2006-11-01 10:24 pm (UTC)
The corpse of Adam Pascal frowns, detaching his head from his neck and throwing it at Anthony. “You bitch!!”
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From: angel_d_s
2006-11-02 12:44 am (UTC)
LITTLE ANGEL: Oooo! Cool! I've always wanted to go there!


COLLINS: *watching in shock and amusement* Dang! That's my job but...oh...that is SO hot!

COLLINS #2: Yup. You said it.

ANGEL: *is pleasantly surprised* (pant)FUCK! OH GOD BABY!!!
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[User Picture]From: prof_remuslupin
2006-11-02 01:00 am (UTC)
KT goes to watche Lil' Wilson and Lil' Angel color. "Hey, guys, I really like your pictures." She then quirks her eyebrow, realizing that she's hanging out with her boyfriend as a five year old. It makes her feel rather much like the evil Mr. Holt. So then she walks over to Jesse and Wilson and pushes her way in between them.

Cha-Cha screams loudly as The Corpse of Adam Pascal throws his head at Anthony. "Oh, come on now, that's not nice! I'm sure there's a better way you all can solve this!"

Roger eyes Cha-Cha's pair of very pointy stilettos that she keeps in her purse for when she's not rollerblading. "Yeah. Probably. Can I borrow those?" Without waiting for an answer, Roger grabs them and runs away.

Cha-Cha stomps her foot and calls after him, "Hey, where are you going with those? They won't fit you! Don't break them! And they're not your type anyway! You better give those back!"

Green rubs the chocolate all over Mark, pinning him onto the bed, and moaning in such a way that he'd definitely get fired if Lennie/Fontana/NinatheDetective/VanBuren were to walk in right then.

Luckily, it is not someone who could get him fired who walks in, but it is Roger, who angrily hurls Cha-Cha's shoe at Green and Mark on the bed. "CHOCOLATE?! HOW COULD YOU?!" he cries, staring at them. "MARK, DON'T YOU REMEMBER THAT ONE TIME YOUR MOM SENT THE FONDUE MACHINE, AND WE HAD ALL THAT CHOCOLATE THAT WE SPILLED ON OURSELVES BY ACCIDENT, AND ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS LICK IT OFF YOU, BUT I COULDN'T BECAUSE THEN MAUREEN WAS THERE?"

Green turns around and chucks Cha-Cha's shoe back at Roger. "Hey man. Leave us alone. Mark's busy again, but not with Maureen. Why don't you get back with your nyphomaniac crackhead prostitute girlfriend?"

"'Cause... 'cause i can't! April and Mimi were fine, but my true soul mate is Marky! And I do NOT want to share him with anyone!" he cries, thrusting the shoe back at Green after screaming loudly since he was just hit in the ear with it.

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From: angel_d_s
2006-11-02 01:06 am (UTC)
MIMI: I resent that! And I'm not a prostitute you bastard!

JESSE: *feels dejected*

JONATHAN: *snore*
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From: cornwhore
2006-11-02 01:43 am (UTC)
The corpse of Adam pascal walks over to his head, which is currently laying on the floor beside Anthony.

Mark meanwhile is still handcuffed to the bed, having chocolate smeared all over him by Detective Green. Needless to say, Mark is having the absolute time of his life, that is, until Roger walks in.

After listening to Roger's little rant Mark opens his mouth to speak.

"Err... I'm sorry buddy... I don't remember any of that."
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[User Picture]From: prof_remuslupin
2006-11-02 03:29 am (UTC)
"What?!" Roger cries, throwing one of Cha-Cha's shoes angrily onto the floor with a loud thud. "We had so many great times, and now this bigshot detective comes in and... and he's brainwashed you! He's brainwashed you with chocolate! If he were smart, he'd really be arresting you for... for... jay walking or something!"

Green nods. "Oh. Uh, yeah. You just go along, now, Roger. I really gotta arrest this man." Eyeing the handcuffs on Mark's wrists, he snickers.

Roger can't think of anything else smart to say, so he turns to Mimi. "No offense, babe, but I really don't think that job of yours is only dancing when you're dancing with tons of guys in a bar."

April frowns. "Roger's just a big dumb stereotyper. Like just 'cause we do drugs all the time doesn't make us just junkies." April takes Roger's hand and starts pulling him away from the bedroom. "Come on Roger... why don't you come with me and Mimi. You don't need Mark. You can surround yourself with two gorgeous women."

KT sees that Jesse is looking really upset, so she starts kissing him.
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From: angel_d_s
2006-11-02 04:07 am (UTC)
JESSE: *feels happy again and starts to kiss KT back*

MIMI: Actually yeah,that's all it is. Oooh! I like your idea,April!
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[User Picture]From: technicolornina
2006-11-02 04:48 am (UTC)
WILSON: Now that's HOT.

LI'L WILSON: Thanks, lady! I - hey, where'd she go? Hey, lady! *points at Wilson and uses that annoying little-kid-teasing-you voice* I think he wants to kiiiiiiiiiissssssss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

ANTHONY: *steps away from the head* You know, Adam, that's really not what "giving head" is supposed to mean.

RODNEY: *attempts to keep a straight face*


ANGEL: *licks behind Angel's knee and plays with her left foot, because we all know Angel has a left foot thing going on*
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[User Picture]From: prof_remuslupin
2006-11-02 05:14 am (UTC)
KT blushes as Li'l Wilson watches. "You know kid, you're going to be scarred for life now. And seriously. I can prove it to you." She gestures at Wilson, snickering, then grabs him by the front of his shirt and attempts to make some sort of threeway Jesse/KT/Wilson kiss.

April sees this, and it sparks an idea. "Yeah! We can do that too! And I bet we can do it better!" April puts her arms around Roger and Mimi's waists, and then starts kissing Roger so that he is unable to escape back to Mark and Green's bedroom.

Roger is very displeased that he is not with Mark, and is tempted to go back and rage again, but decides that he will just wait a little bit so that at least he can have some kissing instead of none.
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[User Picture]From: technicolornina
2006-11-02 05:19 am (UTC)
LI'L WILSON: *claps his hands and squeals happily*

WILSON: *moans*


MARK: I . . . uh? *drops dizzily to the floor in a faint*

NINA: *doesn't remember what she was doing, so now she's just making out with Evan*
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From: angel_d_s
2006-11-02 05:17 am (UTC)
*A five year old Mimi suddenly appears*

LITTLE MIMI: *sing-song* Lady and Wilson kissin' in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Um...*forgets the rest*

LITTLE ANGEL: First comes love...

LITTLE MIMI: Then comes marriage...

MIMI: Oh my god....

***IN THE BEDROOM*** ((OOC: That 'Left Foot' thing is perfect,btw. I can really see Cha-Cha having a fetish like that!))

ANGEL: *moans* Jodame ahora!!

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