Nina (technicolornina) wrote in to_going_insane,


Okay, you guys, it's that dreaded time called "Nina is updating the profile." Kindly respond to the following question:

You are the mun (controller) of which characters?

Please answer in a format like this:

Nina-mun controls Li'l Wilson, Wilson, a clone of Angel, a clone of Evan, Anthony, Rodney, and Nina.

(Yes, there's a difference between your character and your mun if you RP as "yourself." The mun is your real-life self. The "you" who is in the RP doesn't have -mun attached to the end, and should be treated as a separate entity.)

I need this answered ASAP so I can finish updating.

Also, please read the rules I added to the section on becoming a mun. I want to make sure they're good by everybody. This is a democracy. If you don't like them, let me know what the problem is, and we'll have an RPG Rules discussion to make sure we're all fair.
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