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The IMDb Demented RENT RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The IMDb Demented RENT RPG

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Post #4 . . . [Nov. 12th, 2006|12:29 am]
The IMDb Demented RENT RPG



JONATHAN: *falls to the floor,worshipping the voice of this Goddess*;) OH GREAT GODDESS FROM ABOVE!! I've been having a terrible case of writer's block lately...what do you suggest? You could be the inspiration I've been seeking!

HEATHER: *rolls eyes*



NINA-MUN: *sits at her computer, cackling and absolutely LOVING this*

[User Picture]From: technicolornina
2006-11-15 09:16 pm (UTC)
NINA: *appears in the basement, hauling Li'l Wilson along with her* What on earth are you guys DOING down he- why does it smell like beer down here? ((The mun refuses to explain why she knows what beer smells like . . . )) *spots the bottle* You guys, what on EARTH - come on, let's go!

*in a feat that only a veteran babysitter can manage, Nina puts Li'l Wilson on her back, hauls Li'l Mimi up into one arm, and takes Li'l Angel's hand . . . and then proceeds to lead them back upstairs* ((<-- I have, in fact, had to do this, though not going up stairs. Ouch.))

LI'L MARK: *sniffles, wanders into kitchen, spots Evan* H-hi.

EVAN: *jumps* Oh, hi. *looks at the half-eaten plate of cookies and holds one out* Want a cookie? There's too many of them for one person . . .

LI'L MARK: My mom says don't take stuff from strangers.

EVAN: *shrugs* Sorry. *pushes the plate toward the center of the table* Well, I didn't touch any of the others . . . I think that nut case they're calling Angel is the one who made them.

LI'L KT: *wanders into the kitchen, following Li'l Mark* Hi.
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From: angel_d_s
2006-11-15 09:58 pm (UTC)
LITTLE ANGEL: .....I feel funny....*is staring at a random spot on the ceiling, almost trips*

LITTLE MIMI: Me too...*busts up laughing anyways*

LITTLE HEATHER: *is still bouncing on the couch*
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[User Picture]From: technicolornina
2006-11-15 10:17 pm (UTC)
NINA: *claps her hands* Hey, you guys! Heather, don't jump on the sofa. Mimi, Angel, Wilson, you put your clothes back on RIGHT NOW. Where's Jesse? *spots him sitting in the corner, coloring quietly* Okay, good. Mark?

ANTHONY: In the kitchen.


NINA: Okay. Would you mind rounding them up, please?

ANTHONY: *nods, heads to the kitchen, and collects the minis hiding out there*

NINA: Okay, good. Evan? And Squeegeeboy? What about Maureen?

ANTHONY: . . .

RODNEY: . . .

BOTH: You're the babysitter.

NINA: Damn it . . .
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From: cornwhore
2006-11-15 11:03 pm (UTC)
Little Collins sneaks up from behind Lil' Mark and tackles him.
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[User Picture]From: technicolornina
2006-11-15 11:23 pm (UTC)
LI'L MARK: *is caught offguard and topples over. He begins to cry.*

NINA: *scoops Li'l Mark up off the floor* Tommy! Now that's not nice. Go sit down until you can behave. *sighs and realizes Li'l Mark scraped his hand* All right, let's take care of you, sweetheart. *heads for the bathroom to rinse off and bandage Li'l Mark's hand* ((<-- boy, is she in for a surprise, hehehehe . . . ))
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From: angel_d_s
2006-11-15 11:37 pm (UTC)
LITTLE HEATHER: NO! *continues bouncing*

HEATHER: *laughs* Oh the memories...*does a double take* Wait a minute...YOU! HOW? WHERE? Ok...how did all these kids get here?!

LITTLE EVAN: I'm right here! *is eating cookies*

LITTLE MAUREEN: *climbs up onto the couch and also starts bouncing* WEEEEEE!!

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[User Picture]From: technicolornina
2006-11-15 11:56 pm (UTC)
NINA: *hands Li'l Mark to Evan* Here, take care of him, would you?

EVAN: . . . okay . . . *heads for the kitchen to wash Li'l Mark's hand*

NINA: *waits until the minis are in the air, then grabs one ankle each. Both come crashing down into seated positions on the abused sofa. ((<-- amazing trick that really works, actually.))* Now that's enough out of BOTH of you! You're going to sit here, and you're going to behave. Now I think what we need to do is feed these kids, and then maybe get them some baths -

LI'L WILSON: *takes Li'l KT's hand, and both sneak away to hide*

NINA: - and then we can figure out what else to do with them. Anybody got a better idea?

ANTHONY: How exactly do you plan on bathing ten kids at once?

NINA: . . . I'll think of something . . .

((wait for it . . . ))

RODNEY: At least Anthony's not -

**you guessed it**

NINA: You GUYS! Be QUIET about the kids, okay?

LI'L ANTHONY: *sits in the middle of the floor nervously, because his mother told him to never ever ever talk to strangers* ((<-- NOTICE: This li'l is available to anyone who wants him, but I'll be playing him until someone takes him off my hands))
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From: angel_d_s
2006-11-16 12:00 am (UTC)

LITTLE HEATHER: *glares at Nina* You..you....EGG!!!

LITTLE MIMI: I'm dizzy...

LITTLE ANGEL: I feel sick....*throws up*
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[User Picture]From: technicolornina
2006-11-16 12:03 am (UTC)
NINA: *sighs* Okay, you guys, just . . . just sit there, okay? I need to take care of -

ANTHONY: I'll get it.

NINA: Thank you.

ANTHONY: Come on, tiger. *picks up Li'l Angel and hands him to Rodney so he can take care of the mess*

RODNEY: Let's go get you cleaned up, honey. *heads for the bathroom, hears water in the shower, and immediately reverses course for the lower-level flat*

NINA: Oh, boy.
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From: angel_d_s
2006-11-16 12:11 am (UTC)
LITTLE EVAN: *cringes*



LITTLE MIMI: I hope Angel is ok!

LITTLE ANGEL: *sniffle* I'm sorry I threw up all over your floor!
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[User Picture]From: technicolornina
2006-11-16 12:14 am (UTC)
RODNEY: *checks Mimi's bathroom water temperature, then starts running a bath* It's okay, sweetheart.

ANTHONY: *takes care of the mess* ((<-- it's good training for when he gets to be a parent himself.))

NINA: Okay, you guys, back into your clothes. *starts dressing the miniature nudist colony*
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From: angel_d_s
2006-11-16 12:16 am (UTC)

LITTLE HEATHER: MAKE US! ((I was hyper as a kid))
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[User Picture]From: technicolornina
2006-11-16 12:19 am (UTC)
NINA: Because if you don't, you'll get sick. See what happened to Angel?
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From: angel_d_s
2006-11-16 12:20 am (UTC)
LITTLE MAUREEN: Oh. Throwing up is gross...
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[User Picture]From: technicolornina
2006-11-16 12:29 am (UTC)
NINA: Yeah. So put some clothes on, little girl.

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