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This is the new, official home of the IMDb Demented RENT Role-Playing Game (RPG). Go ahead and take a look around, but be forewarned - as the name says, it's demented. Think Milliways Bar on a bad LSD trip. You're liable to run into any of the following: orgies, drugs, real-life people who randomly landed in the RPG, gender-benders, bad language, marijuana brownies, talking corpses, and so on. You get the idea.

The first part of the RPG no longer exists - again, as the name says, we came here from IMDb, so those posts are gone. (They didn't make much sense anyway.)

Anybody's welcome to join, although you have to run your character(s) by the mod (that's Nina-mun, aka technicolornina) first. Also, please follow the rules:

1) NO GODMODING. We allow godmoding to an extent - i.e. in one set of IMDb posts, KT slapped Wilson. Wilson couldn't simply pretend there was no slap - he had to respond to the slap. That's considered godmoding if you're on a really strict RPG. What we draw the line at would be things like posting as another person's character, killing off other people's characters without permission, and so on.

2) Try to be literate. Everyone makes typos, we know, and the LJ comment board doesn't allow for editing of comments. But if you routinely make posts like "and then evan said "wel lets g0 play cuz this is boring. but moreen didnt wnat too so they made out instead," you'll get one warning, and if the problem persists your character(s) will be deleted or reassigned. This is for FUN, we shouldn't have to decode your posts. On the other hand, don't flip out if you accidentally post something like "Wilson saaid," because typos happen. We all know this. It's the posts that read like classifieds ads that we're trying to avoid. You're welcome, however, to RP in both script style:

WILSON: Come on, KT, it's not like we're in public.

NINA: *shakes head* Wilson, get over it. KT is NOT letting you wear the plaid pants.

or in storyline style:

"Come on, KT, it's not like we're in public!" Wilson pleaded. Nina shook her head. "Wilson, get over it. KT isn't letting you wear the plaid pants."

Whatever you're comfortable with, as long as it's easy for the other RP'ers to read, is fine by the mod and the original posters.

3) NO FLAMING. That should be self-explanitory. It's a fun community, not Community For Vendetta. Okay?

4) This isn't exactly a rule, more of a "let's-help-any-potential-newbies," but if you want to join, you'll have to pick a character. (Try one to start, and if you want you can run multiples by the mod. We're already aware that some people have an insane amount of characters; this dates back to the IMDb days when there were only three or four of us playing with all the characters available. That might change if we get more RPers, but the OPs will have to discuss it first.) The rules for a character run thus:

i. Must in some way be related to RENT, or accepted by the muns as a new player. If you wish to use a character of yourself, the character first of all must be just as demented as the RP itself (Nina-mun wishes to assure any new players that she is NOT in real life a nymphomaniacal shemale with a magic backpack), and you can only have one. No complete OC's. If you wish to use a character who's not related to RENT in some way, you must run that character by Nina-mun before posting as him/her/it. (And there are no, repeat NO, unanimated characters. Mark's scarf cannot fly in and start strangling people.) And try to use mostly RENT-related characters - this is first and foremost a RENT RPG, albeit a rather insane one.

ii. Cannot already be taken. The full list of taken characters, with their source in parentheses where necessary, is listed below.

iii. No character may, at any time, force any other character to do anything.

iii(a). The exception to rule iii is fainting. Any player may cause any character to faint at any time, provided that player provides reasonable cause. For example, Evan is not Nina-mun's character and Wilson is. However, iii(a) would let me do the following:

WILSON: Evan, I admit it. I've got this thing for myself, and I love you. *bends Evan over backward and kisses him on the mouth*

*Evan faints*

iv. You're allowed to create a clone of a character already in use (i.e. Nina-mun has an Angel clone, while Heather-mun (angel_d_s) controls the original Angel), but MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS YOU'RE USING A CLONE. Don't just randomly start controlling a second Jesse. There are several ways to insert a clone in the Demented RPG, but the most common is like this:


MARK: Huh? What the? Hey! *faints*

Or, in storyline style:

Suddenly, a Mark clone appeared! "Huh? Where am I? What the?" he asked, before fainting.

And fainting isn't a requirement . . . it just happens a lot. The shock, you know.

v. The characters don't follow any fixed timeline. Therefore, we have Li'l Wilson (Wilson at the age of 5), had Teen Wilson (17-year-old Wilson, before he disappeared), and also have modern-day, 34-year-old Wilson. If you want to create a clone from a different time period (i.e. Jesse as a teenager, Mark as a ten-year-old), feel free - just make sure it's clearly indicated. Also, no clones from different time periods may have clones - that's to say there can be two adult Wilsons, but not two five-year-old Wilsons.

Follow these, and you're all set.

A complete list of who plays whom will be available shortly. If I get really carried away, I might even go all Milliways Bar on you people and make a webpage where you can see mini-bios for each character leading up to their current place in the RP. I'd have to see interest in a page like that, though.

cornwhore (Maddie) plays:
Mark Cohen
Johnny Depp
Adam Pascal's Corpse
Hedwig (Anthony Rapp's character from "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," absolutely no relation to the owl of the same name)
Li'l Collins (Tom Collins at the age of five or six)

prof_remuslupin (Chloe) plays:
KT (Wilson Heredia's girlfriend)
Detective Ed Green (Jesse Martin's character from Law & Order)
Roger Davis
Cha-Cha de los Santos Perez Cueva(Wilson Heredia's character from Flawless)
April Ericsson (Roger's girlfriend, now his ex . . . sort of . . . it's complicated)
Dr. Frank N. Furter (a transvestite; the main character from "Rocky Horror Picture Show")

technicolornina (Nina-mun) plays:
Wilson Jermaine Heredia
Anthony Rapp
Rodney To (Anthony's life partner)
Adult Angel clone
Mark clone
Evan clone (Clone of Wilson's L&O:SVU character)
Li'l Wilson (Wilson Jermaine Heredia at the age of six)
Li'l Mark (Mark Cohen at the age of five)
Li'l KT (Wilson's girlfriend at the age of five)
Nina (the mun in RP form)

angel_d_s (Heather-mun) plays:
Angel Dumott Schunard
Tom Collins
Mimi Marquez
Tom Collins Clone/Collins #2
Little Angel/Li'l Angel (Angel Dumott Schunard at the age of five)
Evan (Wilson Heredia's character from Law & Order: SVU)
Heather (the mun's RP form)
Boho Girl (An extra from the RENT movie)
Jonathan Larson
Jesse L Martin
Maureen Johnson
Joanne Jefferson
Daphne Rubin Vega (OBC Mimi)
Rosario Dawson (Movie Mimi)
Little/Li'l Mimi (Mimi Marquez at age 5)

The original posters realize that most of the characters are taken. With that in mind, if you don't want to take a secondary character (i.e. squeegeeman, Allison, etc.) and don't know enough about the actors to successfully RP as one of their other characters (i.e. Anthony Rapp as Daryl from "Adventures in Babysitting"), you may NICELY request a character from one of them - but don't be pushy or whiny about it. And if you get the character from someone other than Nina-mun, MAKE SURE you - or the person you got the character from - let her know that character is now in your control. She's not a mindreader, and if she's not aware that you now control the character she'll mark you as a Godmoder - which is a bad, bad thing. You can ask for anyone EXCEPT Angel (including Nina-mun's clone and Li'l Angel), Nina-mun's Mark clone, or Detective Green. That doesn't mean you'll get a character you ask for, though, so if the answer is no, find another character - Nina-mun gets very angry when flame wars occur. (She's also very protective of her characters, so if you want one, you'll have to prove your worthiness first.)

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Nina-mun is NOT responsible for the characters of ANYONE BUT HERSELF. Therefore, do NOT ask her for any characters other than those listed under her character list - she has no say over those characters whatsoever. She's the mod, not God.


A "mun" is the person who controls the characters within an RP. For example, Nina-mun controls Wilson and Li'l Wilson, but Nina-mun is NOT the RP character Nina. Nina the character is a completely different entity (I'm certainly not a nymphomaniac ditz in real life!), who is controlled by Nina-mun. As a rule, you don't have to use the "mun" term, because we have very few players, UNLESS YOU HAVE AN OC WHO USES YOUR NAME. Example: Chloe doesn't have to go by "Chloe-mun" because she doesn't have a character Chloe. Nina-mun, however, must refer to herself as "Nina-mun" because if she calls herself "Nina," she's referring to the character. (This rule doesn't apply to posts that are marked as OOC, or Out Of Character, posts.) This term snagged directly from the RPG milliways_bar, so if you're a member of Milliway's please don't hurt us.

Although characters within the RPG may have liasions of the romantic persuasion, no character is permitted to kill another character without the mun's permission. So in other words, Wilson (controlled by Nina-mun) can't kill Tom Collins (controlled by Heather-mun) unless Heather-mun and Nina-mun discuss it and Heather-mun agrees to let Wilson kill off Collins.

OOC: Out Of Character. While playing the RPG via comments, OOC posts must be marked using the symbols shown in bold:

WILSON: Hey, let's go! ((OOC: Eager, isn't he?))

If you're making a new post, however, you don't have to declare OOC.

BiC: Back in Character. We haven't needed to use this much here on the LJ board, but it was quite common on the original IMDb board. The most common place you'll see it is when a mun decides the thread is getting too long, so they create a new thread. In this case, the mun will post a couple of previous posts (so we know where to pick up from). Nina-mun's posts of this kind will always be labeled "MOST RECENTLY:" but other muns may use different methods. Once those posts have been copied into the new thread, the letters "BiC" will appear to let the RPers know that the posting mun has begun their own continuation of the RP.